Images of Research Winners announced!

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A huge thank you to those who came to our Images of Research reception and everybody involved – from those exhibiting to our judging panel, the public and the Research School.

We are delighted to announce our prize winners …


Overall Winner for Staff – Clare Bennett

Talking to Children about “Growing Up”

This research has explored the experiences and perceptions of fathers in talking about puberty, relationships and reproduction with their children. Eight fathers, of four ten year old girls and four ten year old boys respectively, volunteered to participate in face to face interviews. Their reports suggested that they did not see their children as potentially on the cusp of puberty but, instead, they perceived them as innocent and developmentally less mature than they really were. The fathers, therefore, largely avoided conversations about bodies, sex and relationships with their children as they felt that such information was superfluous to their needs.


Overall Winner for Students – Alice Burgin

'The balancing act'

The balancing act

The obesity epidemic can be characterised by sedentary behaviour and over-eating, leading to positive energy balance and weight gain. An imbalance can also result by compensating for healthy behaviours, such as over-eating after physical activity. However, the balance is more complex than a simple equation and is underpinned by many imperceptible factors. My research will explore and optimise the effects of physical activity on appetite control and subsequent energy balance. I will also approach commonly reported barriers to physical activity such as lack of time, as depicted here. Together, this research looks to contribute to knowledge of weight-management in public health.


1st Prize Public’s Choice Award – Alan Dixon

Tiyeni Conservation Agriculture

Sustainable Agriculture in Malawi

In Northern Malawi, Mrs Ivy Trindade shows off the difference in quality between two types of maize. The healthy cobs on the right have been cultivated using ‘conservation agriculture’ methods involving simple and affordable soil and water management practices that reduce erosion, promote soil fertility, improve crop yields and enhance biodiversity. Malawi is one of several African countries where, through on-going collaborative research with local NGOs, we are exploring how people can adapt their land management practices and livelihood strategies in order to achieve sustainable development.


2nd Prize Public’s Choice Award – Jenny Lewin-Jones

Our changing language

Language is at the core of who we are and how we relate to other people. I research English language – the language all around us, part of our everyday lives. I am fascinated by how this language is evolving and how our use of language is changing. Communication between people changes as technological developments take place, and we’re all involved in this process. I trace the history of words, the different styles of language we use, and ways we can avoid miscommunication.


3rd Prize Public’s Choice Award – Charlotte Elizabeth Taylor

Do healthy eating programmes really persuade children to swap sweet snacks for fresh fruit?

Increases in childhood obesity and poor fruit and vegetable (FV) consumption have paved the way for school-based interventions to change children’s dietary habits. However, do these interventions really encourage children to swap sugary snacks for FV? A study of 2,433 5-11 year olds found that children who took part in a healthy eating intervention did eat more FV, however they were still eating calorific foods. Sugary snacks were not replaced by healthy alternatives; children were simply eating more. If school-based interventions are to contribute to reducing calorific intake, targeting FV consumption alone is not sufficient to change children’s eating habits.


Missed the exhibition and want to see the submissions? Download the Images of Research 2015 catalogue.

We are planning for Images of Research to become an annual event so look out for our next call for applications next year!

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