Coming up on the RDP in March…

March is a busy month in the Researcher Development calendar. Have a look at what’s on and book your place online:

Students: select ‘Researcher Development’ from the drop-down menu.

Staff: Book via the staff portal, ‘staff development workshops’ under ‘your online services’.

01/03/2017 1:15pm 4:15pm EE G027 Introduction to Statistical Methods Dr Roy Bhakta
07/03/2017 12:15 1.45pm JL G008 CVs for Researchers Rosie Plimmer
07/03/2017 5.15pm 6.45pm EE G024 Engaging the Public with your Research Prof Maggie Andrews
08/03/2017 12.15pm 1.15pm JL G012 Introduction to Intellectual Property Rights (STAFF ONLY) Louise Heath
09/03/2017 12.15pm 1.15pm JL G010 Hosting an International Visiting Researcher @ UoW (STAFF ONLY) Charlotte Wasilewski
14/03/2017 12.15pm 1.45pm JL G010 Leading in Research (Vitae material) for PGRs (STUDENTS ONLY) Rosie Plimmer
15/03/2017 1:15pm 3:30pm EE G021 Making Sense of Stats in Applied Health Research Prof Lisa Jones
21/03/2017 1.15pm 3:15pm BY 1145 Engaging Parliament with Your Research Paul Browning
23/03/2017 12.15pm 1.45pm EE G020 External Research Relationships and Collaboration Prof Jo Smith
30/03/2017 9.00am 5.00pm EE 2012 Introduction to Systematic Reviews and Critical Appraisal Charlotte Taylor

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