Images of Research 2017: Winners announced!

Thank you to everyone who attended our Images of Research Gala Evening on Wednesday 28th June, we hope you enjoyed the evening! A special thank you to our colleagues at The Hive, our judging panel: Professor Sarah Greer, Anne Hannaford and Greg Dunn and to all staff and research student colleagues for entering this year’s competition.

We are pleased to announce the winners of the Images of Research 2017….


JUDGES CHOICE AWARD: DR DANIEL SOMERVILLE Institute of Humanities & Creative Arts

Seeing Red: A Carmen Story

“This image shows second year MTheatre student, Lauren Clarke, in an adaptation of Bizet’s opera Carmen.  The production was a physical-visual theatre performance that employed my PhD research into the ‘operatic’ through applying a choreographic vocabulary based on the movement of opera singers.  The ‘operatic’ as a concept and style, emerges in the movement and scenography of the performance, but also through the use of operatic structure and theory, which informed how we devised the production.  This research enables students to encounter opera by deconstructing it, bringing them nearer to the drama and characters, making opera more accessible and relevant.”


JUDGES CHOICE AWARD: ROB SHOTTON, Institute of Science and the Environment

Can solar farms help stop farmland bird decline?

“Farmland bird numbers have declined by up to 50% over the past 30 years due to changes in farming practices and solar farms provide opportunities to address this decline. However, the impact of these installations is not well studied and as farmland is taken out of production for years it is vital to understand the effect on biodiversity. By performing bird and vegetation surveys on solar farms and traditionally managed farmland we’ll gain a greater understanding of wildlife’s use of solar farms and associated management practices leaving the industry better placed to manage them with a focus on environmental sustainability.”


PUBLIC CHOICE AWARD (FIRST PRIZE): JO JOHNSON, Institute of Health and Society

The happiest time of your life…


“This woman that has a smile on her lips but her eyes translate her true feelings. Depression and anxiety are the most common mental health problems during pregnancy.  Mental ill-health is under recognised and under treated but in many cases can have a serious impact on the woman and her family. My research will explore midwives knowledge of mental health disorders in pregnancy and their experiences of referring women for specialist support. I hope my research will help to improve care for pregnant women experiencing mental ill-health.”





“It’s hard to be a friend to someone who’s depressed, but it is one of the kindest things you will ever do” 

“My research concerns the causes of mood disorders.  These are common, severe mental illnesses, such as major depressive disorder and bipolar disorder.  They affect around 1 in 5 people during their lifetime, and significantly impact family life, work and social life.  In many cases having a mood disorder is devastating for the person who has the illness, and for their family and friends.  The causes are complex and not yet well understood.  By learning more about the causes, my research is helping to improve treatments and ultimately the lives of those affected by mood disorders.” Title quoted by Stephen Fry



Breast Cancer, Lifestyle and Wellbeing

 “My research project is looking at the effects of a group lifestyle intervention that we run at Worcester University for women who have had treatment for breast cancer. During the 12 weekly sessions, the group members share recipes, try new foods and discuss healthy food choices in line with the World Cancer Research Fund recommendations; they also try different physical activities such as power walking, tai chi, Pilates and circuits. The research project considers whether this programme addresses people’s lifestyle concerns, improves wellbeing and influences behaviour change in the short and long term and investigates how this might have occurred.”


View all of the entries to this year’s competition in our catalogue

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