Enterprise and Entrepreneurship

This cluster provides a platform to think about how you might translate your skills and experience as a researcher into enterprise and entrepreneurship.
16/02/2016 12.30-1.15pm EEG169 Portfolio-careers and Self Employment Dr David Bozward
01/03/2016 12.30-1.15pm CH1008 Starting a Business Dr David Bozward
N/A N/A Online Academic Entrepreneurship: An introduction Epigeum
15/03/2016 12.30-1.15pm CH1008 Academic Entrepreneurship: resources for getting started Dr David Bozward
N/A N/A Online Entrepreneurial Opportunities: Recognition and Evaluation Epigeum
N/A N/A Online Entrepreneurial Resources: People, Teams and Finance Epigeum

“15% of UK workers are self-employed in the UK and it’s been rising almost every year since 1979.”
Whether it’s a portfolio working, a new challenge, a way to generate a second income, or the next stage of your academic career, self-employment presents both opportunities and risks. This session explores the process around this increasingly common form of work.

Starting a Business
“Almost 99.2% of the 4.9 million companies in the UK are small with less than 50 people”
If you are considering developing your research interests into a business, then this session explores the path ahead. The setting up, running and developing a limited company can be easy, but first you need to understand the available options and how to ensure it provides protection and funding opportunities.

Academic Entrepreneurship: resources for getting started
What resources should you take advantage of to develop a growing business?
What is available to those starting a business in Worcestershire?
In this session we provide details of office space, networking, mentoring, retail and funding opportunities in the area.

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