09/11/2016 12.15-1.45 CH2006 Copyright for Researchers Roger Fairman
01/12/2016 12.15-1.45 CH1003 Research Data Management Su Fagg
07/12/2016 12.15-1.15 JL2002 By bid was successful – What next? Louise Heath
17/01/2017 1:15-4:15 EE11092 Research Ethics Prof Derek Peters and Dr John-Paul Wilson
28/02/2017 12.15-1.45 EE1102 What is research misconduct? Dr John-Paul Wilson
08/03/2017 12.15-1:15 JLG012 Introduction to Intellectual Property Rights Louise Heath

Copyright for Researchers – Roger Fairman

This session will give a brief overview of copyright in relation to research activity, looking both at researchers use of other people’s work and protecting your own work. The session will also look at the interactions between copyright and open access / open data.

If anyone attending the session has a specific question please feel free to email it in advance of the session to and I’ll try and have the answer ready on the day.

Research Data Management – Su Fagg

This workshop explores the legal and ethical requirements for a researcher in collecting, storing and curating their research data. It also provides some guidance on the options available for researchers to manage their data. You will also be able to explore the new RDM webpages, and discover resources to compile a Research Data Management Plan after attending this workshop.

My Bid Was Successful – What Next? – Louise Heath

This workshop will explain the internal and external processes involved when you have been awarded a research bid from an external funding body. This session will be useful for all colleagues who are currently engaged in research projects or who are interested in doing so in the future.

Research Ethics  – Dr John-Paul Wilson and Prof Derek Peters

This workshop explores core ethical issues and how researchers can address theses issues with a primary focus on case-studies.

What is Research Misconduct? – Dr John-Paul Wilson

Researchers are expected to conduct their research with integrity but what does this mean? Although any discussion of research integrity should focus on positive behaviours, inevitably it is important to recognise what behaviours are unacceptable. This workshop therefore focuses on what constitutes research misconduct (and what might be identified as the lesser but still significant crime of “sloppy science”), on how researchers can ensure that their practice can never be interpreted as such and how researchers might identify misconduct in others’ research. This workshop is essential for all researchers at all stages of their development.

Research and Intellectual Property Rights (IPR): An Introduction – Louise Heath

This session will provide a basis overview of the nature of Intellectual Property Rights when engaging in externally funded research projects or unfunded collaborative projects. This session will be useful for all colleagues who are currently engaged in research projects or who are interested in doing so in the future.

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