Research Supervisor Training

Research Supervisor Training Programme 2017-18

Refresher Training for Supervisors 29/11/2017 12.15 13.45 Helen Tabinor CH 1003
Refresher Training for Supervisors 13/02/2017 12.15 13.45 Helen Tabinor JL G008
Refresher Training for Supervisors 19/04/2018 12.15 13.45 Helen Tabinor CC 007
Refresher Training for Supervisors 20/06/2018 12.15 13.45 Helen Tabinor EE 1100
Research Supervisor Training 06/09/2017 9.15 13.15 Helen Tabinor & Dr John-Paul Wilson JL G010
Research Supervisor Training 23/01/2018 9.15 13.15 Helen Tabinor & Dr John-Paul Wilson JL G010
Research Supervisor Training 04/06/2018 9.15 13.15 Helen Tabinor & Dr John-Paul Wilson JL G008
Research Examiner Training 16/11/2017 9.15 13.15 Prof. Nick Evans JL G012
Research Examiner Training 07/02/2018 9.15 13.15 Prof. Nick Evans EE G021
Supporting your student through RDB1 28/11/2017 12.15 14.15 Helen Tabinor & Prof. Eleanor Bradley JL G010

Book online through the staff development portal on the staff homepage. If there is anything you would like to see added to the supervisor training programme, please contact: 

Research Supervisor Training

The Research Degree Supervisor Training is a half day training session designed for those new to research degree supervision or new to research degree supervision at Worcester. The session includes a mixture of interactive workshops, some focused on regulatory and procedural matters relating to the research degree programme at Worcester and others focused on supervisory methods and practice.

Refresher Training for Research Supervisors

All current, active research degree supervisors on the Register of Approved Supervisors are required to attend Refresher Supervisor Training once every 3 years. The date that this training is due will be calculated from the date you originally attended Research Supervisor Training. Refresher training takes place for 1h30 over lunch and is an informal session where we refresh some of the core regulations and look at key changes that have been made to research degree regulations and procedures over the last 3 years. At the end of this session is an opportunity for you to share your own personal experiences of supervision and to reflect on areas that could benefit from change in the future.

Research Examiner Training

Research Degree Examiner training is designed primarily for colleagues wishing to join an MPhil, PhD or Professional Doctorate examination team at Worcester. The session is however also popular with supervisors whose research degree student is approaching examination and can also be useful for colleagues acting as research degree examiners at another UKHEI. The sessions combine information around the regulations and procedures associated with examining at MPhil and doctoral level with more interactive sessions around examining the thesis, asking the right questions etc.


New workshops for 2017-18

Supporting your student through RDB1

This session is designed for research degree supervisors who have a student preparing, or about to start preparing the RDB1 (Research Proposal)The workshop is organised into two parts. The Research School Manager will run through the essential procedural and regulatory side of the RDB1 process. Prof Eleanor Bradley (a Health Psychologist from the Institute of Health and Society and MPhil/PhD Course Leader for her Institute) will then talk, from her experience of being a research degree supervisor, RDB1 expert reviewer and research degree examiner, about how to approach the completion of Section 4 of the RDB1 form ‘The Research Proposal’. During this session, we will also discuss how the student engages with and responds to the expert reviews and share some good examples from previous students.

There will be plenty of opportunity for you to ask questions about any aspect of the RDB process during the session.

Supervising part-time students

More than half of all doctoral students in the University study part-time. Part-time students have particular pressures and issues that do not affect full-time students in the same way, for example financial pressures, committing up to six years to a doctorate and employment demands can sometimes mean that the supervision of part-time students can at times be more demanding than that of full-timers. The aim of this workshop is to identify the issues and challenges of supervising part-time students and to explore good practice in addressing these challenges. The workshop will consider the expectations, challenges and opportunities of supervision from the perspective of both the supervisor and the research student. It will then provide an opportunity to share good practice and learn from the experience of colleagues in different parts of the University. This workshop is aimed those who currently supervise part-time students registered for an MPhil, PhD or a Professional Doctorate, as well as those who may be supervising a part-time student in the future.