Research Students

The Student Researcher Development Programme (RDP) is organised around thematic clusters. These consist of modules, courses and workshops, delivered face-to-face by subject specialists from across the University and the Researcher Development Team, and online through our virtual learning environment, Blackboard.

At the beginning of your research degree you will be allocated to one of two pathways depending on your experience and knowledge as a researcher (MPhil/PhD students only). This will determine which elements of the programme are core and which are optional. The expectation is that you will engage fully with the core elements but you will pick and choose from the optional elements dependent on your own needs.

Read more about researcher development @ Worcester in the research student researcher development booklet

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Developing and Managing your Research

This cluster provides a foundation to develop and manage your research project. Click the image to explore the workshops.





This cluster supports ways to disseminate your research visually, verbally and textually to different audiences. Workshops also include enhancing the impact of and engagement with your research. Click the image to explore the workshops.





This cluster is aimed at students in the later stages of their research degree, from structuring and writing the thesis, to preparing to submit and what happens after submission. Click the image to explore the workshops.




Run by expert researchers and professors, these workshops focus on a range of methodology-related issues across disciplines. Click the image to explore the workshops.





This cluster introduces a range of technological tools, methods and approaches to qualitative and quantitative data analysis. Click the image to explore the workshops.





This cluster supports you to develop yourself but also to develop those around you. The workshops will enable you to become a more effective researcher in your own right. Click the image to explore the workshops.





This cluster is focused on key issues in research governance such as ethics, integrity, intellectual property and data management. Click the image to explore the workshops.