Post-docs and fixed-term contracts

These workshops are aligned with the employment standards for researchers employed on post-doctoral and fixed-term contracts set by the ‘UK concordat to support the career development of researchers’.
02/12/2015 12.30-1.30pm CH2003 Vitae’s Researcher Development Framework Rosie Plimmer
13/04/2015 12.30-1.30pm CH1003 Managing Your Career Rosie Plimmer
16/02/2016 12.30-1.15pm EEG169 Portfolio-careers and Self Employment Dr David Bozward
01/03/2016 12.30-1.15pm CH1008 Starting a Business Dr David Bozward
15/03/2016 12.30-1.15pm CH1008 Academic Entrepreneurship: resources for getting started Dr David Bozward
27/04/2016 12.15-1.45pm JL1021 Funding and Career Planning for Post-docs and ECRs Charlotte Wasilewski and Rosie Plimmer

Vitae’s Researcher Development Framework
This workshop will introduce you to Vitae’s Researcher Development Framework (RDF), a valuable resource for researchers at all stages of their career. The RDF will help you to think about your training and development needs to achieve your short- mid- and longer-term career goals. In turn this will enable you to make your time at Worcester as impactful as possible in terms of building your CV.

Managing Your Career
This workshop is designed to equip you with the skills and resources to achieve success as a postdoc and launch your career as a researcher. You will gain an understanding of your career options and be introduced to tools and techniques to help you set and reach a series of short, medium and long-term goals to maximise your success as a postdoc and plan for your next step.

“15% of UK workers are self-employed in the UK and it’s been rising almost every year since 1979.”
Whether it’s a portfolio working, a new challenge, a way to generate a second income, or the next stage of your academic career, self-employment presents both opportunities and risks. This session explores the process around this increasingly common form of work.

Starting a Business
“Almost 99.2% of the 4.9 million companies in the UK are small with less than 50 people”
If you are considering developing your research interests into a business, then this session explores the path ahead. The setting up, running and developing a limited company can be easy, but first you need to understand the available options and how to ensure it provides protection and funding opportunities.

Academic Entrepreneurship: resources for getting started
What resources should you take advantage of to develop a growing business?
What is available to those starting a business in Worcestershire?
In this session we provide details of office space, networking, mentoring, retail and funding opportunities in the area.


For more information about the Concordat download a copy here.


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