Research Supervision and Examination

These workshops are aimed at staff worked interested or already supervising and examining research degree students.
24/09/2015 9.15am-1.15pm CH1008 Research Supervisor Training Helen Tabinor and Dr Jacqueline Taylor
10/11/2015 12-1.30pm HB1001 Refresher Training for Supervisors Helen Tabinor
14/01/2016 9.15am-1.15pm EEG024 Research Supervisor Training Helen Tabinor and Dr Jacqueline Taylor
20/01/2016 12-1.30pm MH1004 Refresher Training for Supervisors Helen Tabinor
11/02/2016 9.30am-1.30pm JLG010 Research Examiner Training Helen Tabinor and Prof Derek Peters
24/02/2015 12.30-1.30pm CH1003 Vitae’s Researcher Development Framework Rosie Plimmer
05/05/2016 9.15am-1.15pm CH1008 Research Supervisor Training Helen Tabinor and Dr Jacqueline Taylor
22/06/2016 12-1.30pm PN1014 Refresher Training for Supervisors Helen Tabinor

Research Supervisor Training
The University of Worcester currently awards Masters by Research (MRes), Master of Philosophy (MPhil), Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) and Professional Doctorate research degrees. We use a team of two or more supervisors where each member of the team will be expected to bring a specific strength to the project. At least one (and normally two members) of the team will be a member of staff at Worcester, i.e. an ‘internal supervisor’. As the internal supervisor(s) will provide the bulk of the supervision we want to ensure that all our supervisors are properly trained and have the skills required to support their student through the research degree programme.

This session is designed for those new to research degree supervision or new to research degree supervision at Worcester. It includes a mixture of interactive workshops, some focussed on regulatory and procedural matters relating to the research degree programme at Worcester and others focussed on supervisory methods and practice. As the workshop attracts colleagues from across all academic disciplines with varying levels of supervisory experience then the sessions benefit from a wealth of shared experiences.  If you are interested in engaging with research degree supervision then the workshop is mandatory.

Refresher Training for Supervisors
All current, active research degree supervisors on the Register of Approved Supervisors are required to attend Refresher Supervisor Training once every 3 years. The date that this training is due will be calculated from the date you originally attended Research Supervisor Training. Refresher training is an informal session where we refresh some of the core regulations and look at key changes that have been made to research degree regulations and procedures. There is an opportunity for you to share your own personal experiences of supervision and to reflect on areas that could benefit from change in the future.

Research Examiner Training
Research Degree Examiner training is designed primarily for colleagues wishing to join an MPhil, PhD or Professional Doctorate examination team at Worcester. The session is however also popular with supervisors whose research degree student is approaching examination and can also be useful for colleagues acting as research degree examiners at another UKHEI. The sessions combine information around the regulations and procedures associated with examining at MPhil and doctoral level with more interactive sessions around examining the thesis, asking the right questions etc.

Vitae’s Researcher Development Framework
This workshop will introduce you to Vitae’s Researcher Development Framework, a valuable tool to aid discussion with your PhD students about their training & development needs based on individual research plans and career aspirations.

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